Think. Build. Launch.

Fynd Engineering X is an innovative generative AI solution that has the potential to increase engineering productivity by 1000x. It supports each stage of the development process, enabling faster product launches

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Build Better
Ship Faster
Define product scope

Unlock the potential of accelerated software development cycle with generative AI powered requirement gathering and analysis model that generate documentation in a flash.

Creates schedule and detailed plan
Generate Product Requirement Docs
Discover and perform user research
Design architecture & ux

Streamlined to automate the process of outlining application details, including user interfaces, system interfaces, network and database requirements.

Generate implement ready logic structure
Capture user flows, user stories from FRD
Create design files in Figma, Adobe XD alike
Develop frontend & backend

Automate coding process with generative capabilities to auto-complete the code snippets with suggestive improvements and alternate option to the same code.

Adherence to best coding pratices
Generate code & scripts with real use cases
Detect errors in code & fix them in real-time
Write unit test cases

Ensure software meets quality standards and user requirements by automating testing procedures and providing detailed test reports on performance.

Detect & track bugs in test cases, and fix autonomously
Generate success & error unit test cases in parallel
Report, track, fix and retest with defined protocol
Deploy to staging environment

Deploy tested and refined product, ready for release to end-users. Simplify project deployment of any size and complexity a speed and full control.

Generate & commit code with Pull Request
Get sharable link for stakeholders to review
Commit and release changes to live environment

Skyrocket your engineering productivity by 1000x

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